Top Ways to Add Hawaiian Flair to Your Home


It’s that time of the year when we say goodbye to summer, and hello to fall. Those who love the fun and sun of the beach getaway’s may find themselves feeling a tad gloomy during this seasonal transition. However, all is not lost. Those who yearn for the trappings of the season of the sun, can recreate a bit of that feeling by adding a few embellishments to their home.


An interesting and intriguing solution is to embrace all that is Hawaii. Consider creating a cozy atmosphere at home using design elements that suggest the expansive beauty of that gorgeous island. Hawaii is a land full of enchantment, diverse and colorful flora and fauna, good food and friendly people. Hawaii represents the perfect summer getaway.


If this task appears daunting at first, fear not, for it is deceptively easy and cost effective to initiate and complete. The addition of a few tropical plants would be an excellent way to begin your trek into this Hawaiian renewal. Fill your rooms with the beauty, freshness and glory of tropical plants. Plants such as the amazon elephant’s ear, anthurium, bromeliads and even the bird of paradise are easy to grow indoors. Add a bamboo trellis here and there, while making sure the design of the pots reflects the colors of Hawaii, and you are well on your way. If you are afraid you do not have a green thumb, remember there are colorful silk plants that are beautiful as well, and require little maintenance, except perhaps, a little dusting.


Another way to encourage the feeling of the Hawaiian vacation indoors, is to incorporate a large image, mural or gallery of imagery that reflects the Hawaiian landscape. Website’s such as can accommodate you in finding the perfect image that reminds you of the perfect summer vacation. Other options are to look for and hire local mural artists to paint a mural directly on your wall. Also, don’t forget a travel poster or two. You can also consider the flooring and look for a bright, floral rug to blend in with the mural, not to mention adding a few sea shells as decorations on shelves and end tables. Add a few colorful tropical print inspired slip covers to your furniture and you are close to completing your look.


Hawaii is not only a beautiful place, but one that is filled with fun and adventure. People love the zip line rides, horseback riding, and boating. if you have some space and a hint of adventure, you can contact one of the many companies that install indoor zip lines for your personal fun and enjoyment.


Another staple of the Hawaiian decor is also very inexpensive: Bamboo. Most department and home goods specialty stores sell bamboo products at very reasonable prices. Bamboo curtains, bamboo vases, bamboo room dividers and bamboo blinds are just a few of the options you will find at your local store or online.


As can be seen, it’s quite simple to turn your entire home, or at least one room, into the perfect Hawaii retreat. Not only are these suggestions easy, but they are cost effective as well. So go through some magazines, browse a website or two, and think of adding just a bit of that light and breezy, sunny island into your home. From plants in your living room, to lightly draped canopies in your bedroom, sit back this chilly winter, and enjoy a beach getaway