Add Some Aloha to Your Life!


When looking for inspiration and motivation, nothing could create a better feel good factor than Hawaii. Both the natural beauty and the vibrant aloha culture of this state mean that it is possible to apply some Hawaiian aloha to a wide range of different situations. Here are just a few of the ways that people can add some aloha to your life.


  1. Live for the Present


In Hawaii, the word ‘aloha’ is used as a salutation to both strangers and close friends. It is a way to greet people in a positive manner and also to show love. If people applied this positive mindset to their lives, then it will remove their preoccupations and force them to focus on the present.


  1. Spend Time Outdoors


Hawaii has regularly been voted as the happiest state in America and this may in part be due to the beautiful surroundings that Hawaiians have the good fortune experience. Aloha ‘aina emphasizes both taking care of the land and also enjoying it. People can learn from this ethos by taking some time on a regular basis to get outdoors and really appreciate their surroundings. The exercise will boost your energy and has some fantastic health benefits. Furthermore, time outdoors can significantly improve moods.


  1. See the Good


Noticing the negatives in life is easy, but seeing the good in every situation is something that you can make a conscious decision to do daily. Beginning each task or activity with aloha creates an atmosphere of love and this will help someone to feel optimistic. There is evidence to suggest that happy people are healthier. Also, having an optimistic outlook on life has a positive effect on the moods of other people.


  1. Build Meaningful Connections


‘Aloha’ is not just a spoken word in Hawaii; it is also a term used alongside actions, such as signing off emails. This word is often used as an affirmation of love with which a task is completed, such as baking a cake with ‘aloha’. This mantra to life represents the state’s culture which is extremely family-oriented and very social.


  1. Love


The word ‘aloha’ is connected with many emotions, including compassion, sympathy, kindness and mercy. Encompassing all of these is love, and love is at the very core of aloha. To live with aloha is to spread happiness through small acts of kindness, to act respectfully towards others and to aim towards making personal improvements.
So, why not try to implement steps? It might add some aloha to your life!